The Oasis philosophy and approach to its clients is shaped by three fundamental points:

  • 1 Starting, operating or growing a business is difficult and it involves any number of challenges or obstacles that usually determine the success of the business.
  • 2 Fee-based consultants and Riba based financial organizations are often the only places a small business or entrepreneur can turn when problems arise.
  • 3 Oasis’s no fee - no Riba philosophy gives small business more affordable and responsible options.

I feel a strong responsibility to give back and to help our small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and succeed properly.

Redzuan Shaw


After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1977, I embarked on a 40 plus year business career that has spanned multiple business categories, roles, and cultures, as noted below:

  • Business Categories

    Corporate Awards, Class Rings, Bottled Water, Medical Equipment, Bakery, Natural Supplements, import/ export of Consumer Goods, Coffee roasting/retailing, business consultancy, construction, income properties, commodity trading, equity investing, venture capital, etc.

  • Business Roles

    Entrepreneur, salesman, sales manager, general manager of manufacturing company, chief executive, finance, consultant, venture capitalist, investor.

  • Pool of Expertise

    Throughout Canada and in SE Asia, where I spent twelve years in business, I have acquired a large pool of expertise and contacts that I can draw upon.